Evaluation of performance of Organix Biofertiliser in Wheat crop

Date of report – 21.10.2019

Product provided by – ORGANIX .PRO

Experimental trial conducted at – R&D centre, Ayurvet Research Foundation, Village-Chidana, District – Sonipat, State- Haryana

Client – Mr. Vasily Popov & Mr. Denis Tarakov

Scientific validation of Orqanix Biofertiliser

Name of Project:

Evaluation of performance of Organix biofertiliser in Wheat crop

Duration of Project: 6 Months
Project Location: District – Sonepat, State – Haryana
Project area: 1 acre
Location – ARF- R&D centre, village Chidana, District – Sonipat, State-Haryana, India
Season- Rabi (2018-19)
Variety – HD- 2967

  1. Scientific validation of Organix biofertiliser (a product from Russia)
  2. To study the effect of Organix biofertiliser on growth and yield parameters of Wheat crop and compare it with conventional Wheat
  3. To compare the effect of Organix biofertiliser and Hydrogel on water retention capacity of the soil.



The fertilizers which are used to improve the fertility of the land using biological wastes, hence the term biofertiliser and biological wastes do not contain any chemicals which are detrimental to the living soil. They are extremely beneficial in enriching the soil with those micro-organisms, which produce organic nutrients for the soil and help combat diseases. Organix fertilizer is a modern organic biofertiliser for ecological and traditional farming based on HUMAT- potassium salts of humic and fulvic acid. The raw material is peat.

The manufacturers of the product claims:

  • Regular use of this biofertiliser increases the crop water holding capacity upto 15 -55%
  • Use of chemical fertilizer will be reduced by 10-35%
  • Improves the germination of the seeds and their viability
  • Activates the growth of the root system
Field of wheat

Experimental details:

In order to analyze the performance of Organix biofertiliser 4 treatments were planned and practiced:

Treatment 1-Seed treatment with Organix Biofertiliser (1 % solution -100 ml in 10 L of water)

Treatment 2- Organix biofertilizer Spray (@ 400ml per 300 L)

Treatment 3- Incorporation of Hydrogel at the time of sowing along with seeds

Treatment 4- Control/Conventional (no spray no treatment)

Preparation of Spray material – 400ml per 300L of water

Spray material discharge- 300 L/ hectare = 125 L / acre

Stages of Spraying –
1. Tillering stage
2. Panicle maturity stage


Sr. No. Treatment 1 (seed treatment with Organix Biofertiliser)Treatment 2 (Organix spray)Treatment 3 (Hydrogel)Treatment 4 (Conventional/ control)
Area (acre)
1Date of Sowing2018-11-222018-11-222018-11-222018-11-22
2Date of Harvesting2019-04-262019-04-262019-04-262019-04-26
3Crop Age154154154154
4Seed input (kg @50kg/acre)12.512.512.512.5
5Plant Height (cm)94.896.698.286.4
6Plant Thickness (mm)4.424.514.644.17
7Yield per sq. meter (kg.)0.510.490.430.42
8Panicle length (cm)1514.815.813.4
9No. of grain per panicle56586159
10No. of plants Per sq. mtr.1021009999
11No. of irrigation3334
12use of chemical fertilizer (Urea)12.5 kg / 3 times12.5 kg/3 times12.5 kg/3 times12.5 kg/4 times
13Total used fertilizer (kg)37.537.537.550
141000 seed weight (gm)38.636.837.235.6
15Weight of grains per panicle (gm)
16Total yield (kg) in specified area515.8495.6434.9424.8
17Conversion27.2 times24.8 times24.8 times25.6 times


  • Use of Organix biofertiliser has positively affected the growth and yield parameters of Wheat crop.
  • Use of chemical fertilizer was reduced by 25%
  • Highest yield was recorded in treatment 1 (seed treatment with Organix bifertiliser) followed by treatment 3 ( Hydrogel), treatment 2 (spray of Organix biofertiliser) and treatment 4 (control)
  • Overall performance Wheat seed treated with Organix biofertiliser was better.
  • Yield gain of 21.4% was recorded in treatment 1 as compared to control / conventional method.
  • Only 3 irrigations were provided in treatment 1,2 & 3 whereas 4 irrigations were provided in control (conventional) plot.


The field of wheat after applying organic fertilizers
Maturity Phase - Organix Wheat Field, Chidana


On the basis of the research trial conducted we found the performance of Organix Biofertiliser to be good and would recommend that the trial should be repeated and Organix biofertiliser should further be used in other cereal and horticulture crops.